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Our gorgeous puppies are raised in our home and are exposed to all aspects of our daily lives. They are socialized, spoiled, and loved. We plan our breeding to maximize health and temperament, producing high quality, loving pets while striving to meet the breed standard.


Each Long Mountain puppy is sold with limited AKC registration, and a microchip with lifetime registration for your peace of mind.  Full pedigree details about each of our sires and dams is available upon request.

Our love for our dachshunds runs deep, they truly are our family. We invest not only financially in their well-being but also in time and love.  Because of this love, we are very serious about ensuring their forever homes are places where they will continue to thrive after leaving us.  We place our puppies individually after dialogue with prospective owners to ensure a good fit.  Once we have completed the application process, puppies will go home with you between 8 and 12 weeks of age. 



At Long Mountain Long Dogs we strive to use the best practices for breeding. Our mommas and poppas see our local veterinarian regularly, as well as a board certified theriogenologist (canine reproductive specialist), to ensure the health of all!


We wait until all mommas are fully mature and old enough to safely produce healthy puppies, around 2 years old, our Poppas are at least one year old. All of our mommas and poppas have all breed specific OFA and genetic tests completed before breeding pairs are chosen to produce the healthiest puppies possible. We use progesterone testing to accurately predict the whelping date to ensure the safety of our mommas and babies.

Once our mommas are pregnant, their level of pampering goes up another notch! We make sure they are safe, content, and comfortable while they are growing precious babies. Around mid-pregnancy they have an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and estimate the number of puppies. Just days before whelping they revisit the veterinarian
for an x-ray to confirm the puppy count and make sure all babies are positioned correctly for a smooth birthing process.


We have all the tools in the toolbox lined up at this point to safeguard them as much as possible. Both our local veterinarian and theriogenologist are aware of the due date and ready for any last minute supports, including c-sections and emergencies if the need arises.

Our mommas whelp their puppies in the safe comfort of our home where we provide a comfortable whelping box, quiet space, and the correct temperature for our momma and babies. We provide 24-hour watch and support for momma and her new arrivals and keep them in a quiet part of the home away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in a house full of dachshunds.

We raise all our puppies using the Puppy Culture Method so that we can send you the best puppy possible, ready to become a beloved member of your family. “The Puppy Culture program is a set of protocols designed to give puppies the best possible chance of thriving in our modern world. These programs start at an early age, under a week, and take into account the puppy’s natural emotional development. Consequently, the training program is highly effective for raising a social and healthy puppy.” Read more at what is puppy culture – PUPPY CULTURE (


We know that our plans in life aren't always as we predict.  As part of our commitment to the health and happiness of the puppies born here at Long Mountain Long Dogs, we offer lifetime rehoming.  The last place we want to see any of our dogs is in a shelter, pound, or homeless.  We guarantee that we will take back any dog you purchase from us if you feel unable to continue caring for it.  There will be no judgement from us if this happens, only love extended back to the dog and assurance that it will always have a happy healthy home with us.  This guarantee is regardless of age.  We will not reimburse any money in the event of a return to Long Mountain Long Dogs, but we will do everything within our means to rehome the dog or keep it here with our family.


Puppies Available:

July 2024

We would love for you to consider spending a happy lifetime with one of our babies.  Please reach out to us at any time with questions you may have.  Feel free to ask us for any and all information about our mommas and poppas.  We would love to tell you about them and we would really love to hear about why your family will be a great home for one of our precious babies.

Just as we take great care in our breeding program, we take great care in placing our puppies with prospective families.  We can't wait to find out more about the loving home you have to share with our little ones.


Our business is based on our love of animals.  It is our highest priority to ensure that all of our puppies have a lifetime of love, security, and safety. If you are thinking about becoming a forever home, we would love to get to know you better to ensure that your home and your puppy are the best possible fit.

We ask all prospective puppy parents to complete the prospective puppy document below to start the process of taking one of these sweet babies home with your family.  For more details on what you can expect from LMLD as a prospective forever home, check out our For Puppy Parents page.

We encourage you to get in touch with us to start a conversation about any questions you might have!


Prospective Puppy Home

Puppy Deposit Form

Puppy Contract


Meet our puppies here! To take a closer look at our puppies follow our profile on Good Dog or visit AKC Marketplace.

Rola - Reserved!

Raven and Hickory's puppies have arrived! Puppy deposits will be accepted late May 2024.  

Champion Bloodlines!

Big Girl - Looking for my family!

Raven's beautiful babies, and our inaugural litter arrived on May 5th!  We are so excited to find them their loving forever homes!


Maverick - Reserved!

Raven and Hickory's puppies have arrived! Puppy deposits will be accepted late May 2024.  

Ready July 2024!

Rola - Reserved!

Little Rola is a gentle and timid sweetheart.  She has found her forever home!

Champion Bloodlines!

Big Girl - Looking for my family!

The big girl has big personality, big confidence, and big colors.  She is a real beauty and is still looking for her forever home.  Reach out for more information or fill out an application.  


Maverick - Reserved!

This little boy is quite the extrovert!  He LOVES people!  He has found is family and will be quite the addition!

Ready July 2024!

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